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Laws of purchasing properties in Northern Cyprus

Under current practice, foreigners can receive an absolute title for just one property (apartment or villa), although they can have multiple property contracts without limits. The government may temporarily amend this law by up to three flats from time to time. You’ll need to execute a property purchase contract and register it in the tax office to get started. You must pay a 5% tax on the total purchase price to register a contract.

You can register the contract with the Land Registration Authority right after registering it with the tax office. No one can sell, rent, mortgage, or pledge your property to a third party without your permission once you’ve registered your contract with the Land Registration Authority. The benefit of this land registry is that no other third party can claim the registered property from your land if the seller goes bankrupt.

Cost: 119 TL for registration in Land Registration Authority

مشاور حقوقی اینتایم در قبرس شمالی
مشاور برای قرارداد اینتایم در قبرس شمالی

Required documents:

Registered contract


Police clearance certificate (translated into Turkish or English)

Application form

Following the completion of the request, a security investigation commences. If the purchaser is found acceptable as a consequence of this examination, the request will be addressed to the Cabinet. The purchase application will be granted at the discretion of the Council of Ministers.

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Tax terms

An order number is handed to the applicant’s attorney after the security investigation procedure, which takes about 6 to 8 months from the date of application and is approved by the Council of Ministers. The transfer of purchased real estate and notification of this number is then submitted to the Real Estate Registration Organization.

Property registration Tax

1% of the entire sale price of the first property under 140 square meters, plus 3% for the above (land registration fee), 3% for the second property, and 3% for the third property.

5% VAT

مشاور مالیاتی اینتایم در قبرس شمالی
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