1st investment rank in North Cyprus according to Forbes magazine

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1st investment rank in North Cyprus according to Forbes magazine

Many People from around the world decide to emigrate from the country and live in other countries due to the economic conditions prevailing in the society and in search of a better life and income. There are many destinations that Iranians choose to live abroad. One of the destinations that has recently become very popular is the country of Northern Cyprus in the Mediterranean region. This small country, which is under the protection of the Turkish government and is located in the Mediterranean Sea, has good conditions that have made many people choose this country as a destination for their new life outside the borders of Iran. A country that has recently been able to get the first rank in Forbes magazine.

General information about Cyprus

One of the ways to immigrate to North Cyprus is to buy property in this country. Applicants for residency can easily obtain residency in North Cyprus by purchasing a property in North Cyprus. Cyprus is a small island in the south of Turkey, which is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. In 1974, after the dispute between the government of Turkey and Greece, this country was divided into two parts, North Cyprus and South Cyprus, each of which is an independent country with independent governments.


Advantages of buying property in North Cyprus

Since obtaining residence in North Cyprus through the purchase of property in this country is considered one of the best methods, we will get to know some of the advantages of purchasing property in this country in order to obtain residence.

Reasonable property price in North Cyprus
One of the advantages of buying property in North Cyprus is the cheap and affordable price of property in this country compared to other Mediterranean and European countries. Since, due to the pressures of the European Union, the establishment of peace between the two Cyprus is not far away, this event can affect the price of property in this country and cause it to increase. Currently, to buy a house in North Cyprus, you can pay almost a third of the cost of a property in South Cyprus and thus obtain residency in this country.

Annual growth of real estate prices
The price of houses and properties in North Cyprus increases annually by 15-20%. Since the price of foreign currencies also increases on a daily basis, buying a property in North Cyprus is a safe investment in this country that can protect your capital and increase its value.

Obtaining residence in Northern Cyprus
Buying a house in Cyprus was very simple and there is no need to register a company or other formalities. The legal procedures for buying a property in Northern Cyprus are the simplest possible, and a person can apply for residency in this country by paying 30% of the price of the property.


North Cyprus ranked first according to Forbes magazine

Mrs. Kathleen Peddicord has reviewed the best places for beach shopping in different parts of the world in an article in the prestigious Forbes magazine, and one of the regions of North Cyprus has been able to get the first place among the top 5. The first place in this ranking is assigned to the seafront area in Northern Cyprus. Mrs. Peddicord wrote in her article that North Cyprus, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea, is not on the shopping list of Americans, but nevertheless, it has a lot to say. This country is the best option for living in this region in terms of cost of living. Northern Cyprus is a safe and hospitable country with a well-developed tourist infrastructure and lower tourist costs than its counterparts in France or Italy.

In addition to the cheap costs in this country, the main attractions are the sands and the sea. In this country and on its coast, you can buy a property with an ocean view and direct access to the beach for about $75,000. It is even possible to pay a percentage of the value of the property to the landlord, as a down payment, to purchase the property and obtain residency in this country. The waterfront area in North Cyprus is the best coastal area to buy a house in this country, which presents a dreamy and unique view in front of your eyes.

With these interpretations, Cyprus is one of the best places in the world to buy a house and obtain residence as a citizen, due to the cheap cost of living and provision of daily needs, reasonable property prices and high investment security.


There are many countries that can be chosen as a destination for people interested in immigration. These countries have good economic conditions that people can immigrate to these countries to secure the future of their lives in terms of economy, work and education and live a comfortable and worry-free life for the rest of their lives. But for many people, they prefer to migrate and continue living in a country that is geographically close to Iran and at the same time has good economic conditions, the cost of living and studying there is reasonable, cheap and affordable. be economical North Cyprus is one of the countries that has all these conditions in the best possible way, and people can buy a house and take residence in it at a reasonable cost.

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