Advantages of investing in British pounds in Northern Cyprus

Many Iranians search for their needs and dreams in a country called Northern Cyprus due to the economic conditions prevailing in the country. These people try to obtain the residence of this country and to continue living and enjoy better conditions through various methods that are intended for immigration and obtaining residence in this country, such as study visa, work visa, investment visa, etc. Migrate to it. One of the best ways to obtain residency in this country is to invest in North Cyprus, which can easily lead to residency in this country for people.

Immigration to Cyprus through investment

One of the most popular ways to immigrate to this country is to invest in North Cyprus, which, due to the simple and easy conditions, can bring people to stay in North Cyprus in the shortest time. One of the best ways to invest in this country for immigration and residency is to buy a property in North Cyprus. The following are the most important reasons for buying a property to obtain a residence in North Cyprus.

Reasonable property price
Among the countries in the Mediterranean region, Northern Cyprus has the best prices for buying property, and property prices in this country and in coastal areas start from 40,000 pounds for an apartment unit and 100,000 pounds for villas, which is a reasonable price for property. comes.رشد سالانه قیمت ملک

Real estate prices in North Cyprus grow by an average of 15-20% per year, with pre-sale properties growing more than other properties. The beautiful environment and pristine nature of this island, the high desire of tourists to travel to this country, as well as the desire of people to immigrate and obtain residence have caused the demand to buy property to rise and of course the price of that property to increase. These reasons have made investing in North Cyprus one of the most popular ways to obtain residency in this country.

Invest in British Pounds
One of the advantages of investing in North Cyprus is that the pricing and purchase of property in this country is done with the British pound, which is considered one of the most reliable, stable and strong currencies in the world, and the difference in value with the dollar and euro increases every year. Buying and selling real estate in North Cyprus with British pounds has made foreign investors more encouraged to invest and buy real estate in this country. The reason for this is that over a short period of time, the growth in property value will increase the value of the pound and can multiply people’s capital


Receive a definitive property document

Another advantage of investing in North Cyprus and buying property in this country is that the deed of the purchased property will be definitive and lifelong in the name of the foreign buyer. Inheritance laws also apply to this property in full and it is inherited by the survivors after the person’s death.


Simplicity of the administrative process of registering and obtaining documents

One of the advantages of buying property in North Cyprus is that people do not need to register a company to buy any property in this country and all the administrative steps of buying and registering and issuing documents and obtaining residence in this country are done easily and in the shortest possible time.

Easy terms of residence

Obtaining residence through investment in North Cyprus is easy and people can easily purchase a property and obtain residence in this country by choosing a property without minimum valuation and completing the initial stages of the purchase contract and paying the advance payment. The important thing about obtaining residence by buying a property in Northern Cyprus is that there is no need for a person to be present and live in this country, and a person can leave this country whenever he wants.

Obtaining permanent residence
People can apply for a permanent residence card in this country and become a citizen by investing in North Cyprus and buying a property in this country and obtaining a residence and extending it for 5 years.

Living in the safest country in the world
One of the advantages of immigrating through investment in North Cyprus is that you can live in one of the small countries in the world that ranks first in global security and cleanliness of the living environment. In 2021, in terms of social security and lack of crime, this country has been able to get the fifth rank among the countries of the world.

Facilitating the process of obtaining visas for other countries of the world
Obtaining permanent residence through investment in North Cyprus has an important advantage that can facilitate the process of obtaining a visa and obtaining residence in other countries of the world. People who immigrated to North Cyprus and obtained permanent residence in this country can apply for visas and residences in American, European and Australian countries, with the difference that there are no strict approaches.


Northern Cyprus, which is very popular these days among people interested in immigrating from Iran, is one of the best destinations for residence and living abroad. Good political and economic security, rapid economic growth, very suitable work and education conditions, low living costs, very good social security and easy conditions for granting residence to applicants have made this country one of the best destinations for immigration. Investing in North Cyprus is one of the best ways to obtain residency in this country, which has very simple and facilitated conditions, and people can easily acquire residency in this country with a certain amount of capital and buying property.

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