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ویلای دوبلکس لوکس قبرس شمالی
North Cyprus Luxurious Villa
آپارتمان های لوکس در قلب شهر
North Cyprus’ Luxury Project for an Unforgettable Experience
مجتمع لوکس مسکونی تفریحی قبرس شمالی
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دریافت اقامت
Obtain a residence permit

By paying only 30% of the property price, you can obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus for yourself and your family; residence in Northern Cyprus is not subject to a permanent stay. You can even rent your house if you are not in the country.

سرمایه گذاری به پوند
Investing in the British Pound

One significant benefit is that purchasing and selling a home in N.Cyprus is conducted in British Pounds, one of the world’s most powerful currencies. Together with the property’s annual rise in Northern Cyprus, this benefit will double your investment’s profitability.

گارانتی اجاره
Rental guarantee

Another advantage of purchasing a home in Northern Cyprus is the rent guarantee, which means you can collect 6x to 8% of the property’s worth as guaranteed rent on a monthly or annual basis and earn in pounds.

فرآیند آسان خرید
Simple purchasing process

Compared to other countries, purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus is a pretty simple process. You don’t need to form a company or anything; pay 30% of the cost, register your property, and receive your residency.

شرایط ایده‌آل تحصیلی
Excellent educational conditions

Some advantages of studying in Northern Cyprus include accredited colleges, affordable tuition and living costs, no need for a student visa, free admission, scholarships, and internships.

افزایش سالانه قیمت ملک
Annual boost in property prices

Property prices in Northern Cyprus have risen by 5 to 10% per year, in tandem with a significant increase in investor demand for purchasing properties in the region.

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