Northern Cyprus is the best country for retirees

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Northern Cyprus is the best country for retirees

Immigrating from one country and continuing to live in another country is not only for young people and job seekers. Retirees and middle-aged people are among the people who can move to another country to spend their last years. Many countries also have programs to grant residency to the elderly and retirees and provide conditions for these people to spend the rest of their lives in another country. One of the best destinations for the migration of retired and elderly people is Northern Cyprus, which has special advantages especially for Iranians. Geographical location close to Iran, Mediterranean and pleasant climate, cultural affinity, etc. are some of the most important reasons that can make North Cyprus the best country for retirees.


Getting to know Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is an island in the east of the Mediterranean Sea and in the south of Turkey, which is known as the third largest island in this region and has been dominated by various civilizations throughout history. According to the 2017 census, this country had a population of about 326,000 people, 98% of whom are Muslims. The main source of income in this country is through the tourism industry, which has developed well in recent years. The official and dominant language of the people in this country is Turkish, but English is also widely used as a second language by the people because the main language of teaching in schools and universities of this country is English.

This country is under the protection and control of Turkey, which is why its main currency is the Turkish lira. Many important banks in Turkey have branches and provide services in Northern Cyprus. The cities of Nicosia, Famagusta and Kyrenia are among the most important cities in this country, which have very good conditions for immigration and living.


Methods of immigration to Northern Cyprus

There are different ways to immigrate to this island in the Mediterranean Sea and obtain residence in this country, and people can choose one of these methods according to their conditions and situation.

Educational immigration

The universities of North Cyprus operate based on the American education system and host hundreds of international students every year due to reasonable and affordable tuition fees, no need for a language certificate, excellent facilities such as dormitories, excellent scholarships and the granting of valid academic degrees to graduates. from other countries to study.

work migration

Another way to obtain residence in North Cyprus is through a work visa, which can guarantee people’s future economically. To work in this country, people must be fluent in Turkish or English. Immigration to this country is in this way that first an employer must send an invitation to work for people so that the person can apply for residence. The average monthly salary in this country is around 6200 Turkish lira.

Immigration through investment

Due to its geographical location, the country is considered one of the important centers in the Mediterranean region, and for this reason, it enjoys rapid economic growth, which is due to foreign investments in this country. These investments in the tourism, construction and service sectors have made the economy of this country prosper very well. Simple and favorable tax laws, lack of corruption in the administrative system and the simple and easy process of company registration in this country have encouraged many investors to transfer their capital to this country.

Obtaining residence by buying a house in Northern Cyprus

One of the best ways to obtain residence is to buy a house in North Cyprus, which can provide residence permits for people in this country in the shortest possible time. To buy a house in North Cyprus, people do not need to buy with a minimum amount and can choose any property of any value to buy. For this, people must pay one-third of the property amount at the time of signing the contract and then undergo a test to ensure that they are in perfect physical health.

If a person wants to obtain permanent residence in North Cyprus by buying a house, he should not leave the country for more than 40 days per year for 4 years.


Obtaining residence for retirees

Northern Cyprus is a paradise for retirees. Geographical location and pleasant climate, low cost of living, proximity to Iran, etc. are among the most important reasons that make this country the best country for Iranian retirees to immigrate to. Retirees can apply for residence in this beautiful country through investment.

One of the best ways to invest is to buy a house in North Cyprus. Retired people who have adequate financial resources can acquire residence in this country by purchasing a property in this country with the minimum required capital. With this work, these people can benefit from advanced care, health and medical services in this country for free and for the rest of their lives and spend the rest of their lives in complete peace and prosperity.

North Cyprus, which is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, has become one of the important destinations for people who intend to emigrate and live outside the borders of Iran. High security, pleasant and suitable climate, close distance to Iran, cultural affinity, low cost of living, investment security, good economic growth, suitable working conditions and good income are among the features of this country that have made this country one of the become the most popular destinations for people to migrate. This country has considered various methods for people applying for residency in this country so that even retired people can go to this country to spend the rest of their lives and have a comfortable life there.

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